You are probably living in the Stone Age if your dehumidifier still runs on the compressor technology (as seen in Freon fridges). These days, top models are built around the desiccant technology because they last longer and also support noiseless operations. Of course, even among desiccant humidifiers, there’s a gradation when it comes to quality and the EcoAir DD122FW Mk4 dehumidifier is top of the range. An improved version of the classic model, this dehumidifier sure packs a punch and you can rest assured knowing that it will do what you want it to do: help you remove water from your home. However, don’t just take my word for it that EcoAir did a number on this model; consider some of its features.

Sleek Modern Design
One of the first things you’ll notice about the Mk4 is its weight. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that it doesn’t weigh a ton—something you’ve probably being conditioned to expect from a “heavy model”. It weighs just 6 kg and measures 17 inches deep, 47 inches high and 29 inches across. EcoAir also included a handle to make it easy to move it from one place to another. Apart from its dimensions, it also has blue LED lights on the transparent side panel. The lights glow in the dark so regardless of where you place it you won’t trip over this dehumidifier at night.

Efficient Water Removal
The EcoAir DD122FW Mk4 dehumidifier provides efficient water removal of up to 7 litres in one day—and this at temperatures as low as 1 ̊C. Again, note that this powerful operation is only made possible because the Mk4 is a dessicant dehumidifier. A compressor dehumidifier can’t measure up to this level of performance because compressor dehumidifier models generally can’t handle water extraction when the temperature is below 10 ̊C. In addition to this powerful water removal, the Mk4’s design also ensures that there’s no danger of running spilling out of the tank, thanks to a magnet and a float. Once the tank is approaching its 7-litre capacity, the unit gives out amber warnings and if these warnings are not heeded, the unit shuts off automatically once the tank is full.

Still talking about its efficiency, the Mk4 does a remarkable job of reducing the level of humidity in the home. It can take it down from 65% to 55% in just about 3 hours and if you leave it in low mode operation overnight, it further takes it down to about 47% and you can count on waking up to damp and steam free windows even on a frosty cold morning.

Easy to Use
The Mk4 is also quite user-friendly and you shouldn’t experience any difficulty operating the unit. Unlike other dehumidifier models that feature complicated settings (e.g., set hours and minutes, hold for 6 seconds, etc.), the Mk4 has 6 buttons also known as logic controls. These controls make it easy to use the unit and even the timer also contributes to this. The swing feature ensures that air is properly circulated and you can select the ionizer option to freshen up your home.

Other Features

  • Silver air filter kills any bacteria that come in contact with the unit.
  • Its powerful laundry mode allows you to use it for drying clothes.
  • Eco-friendly and contains no harmful gas.
  • Has an automatic restart feature for those times when there’s a power cut.

The major drawback to the EcoAir Mk4 dehumidifier is its energy consumption. Depending on how you use it, you’ll probably end up spending about 20 pounds in a month on its electricity costs. This calculation covers a low mode operation overnight and a high mode operation during the day. However, it also provides enough warmth for the house so you probably won’t need heating when it’s in operation.

The EcoAir DD122FW Mk4 dehumidifier comes highly recommended. It sure gives good value for the money it costs (which isn’t exactly cheap). You shouldn’t have any regrets purchasing this model for your home. Its excellent design, superb operation and noiselessness cement this opinion. Furthermore, the unit comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty so there’s really nothing to lose.