General Info

The Compact Portable EcoAir DC18 Dehumidifier is an ideal choice if you are looking for a highly effective model with great efficiency when it comes to removing excess moisture from the air in your home.

This model offers superior performance along with a range of features that allows you full control over the level of humidity in the air. The DC18 is a larger model than the DC12 compact compressor alternative but is ideal for tackling homes with larger rooms with up to 4 or 5 bedrooms.

The Compact Portable EcoAir DC18 Dehumidifier has been designed to deliver flexible and versatile options leaving owners in full control of their home environment.

With a 3.5-litre tank capacity that is easily accessible from the front of the dehumidifier, it makes emptying the collected water easy without the need to move the unit around. The water storage tank comes with a handy lid that helps to prevent spillage when you are removing it for emptying.

Electronic control panel

The Compact Portable EcoAir DC18 Dehumidifier comes with an electronic control panel that offers touch-button technology for easy programming.

The Intelligent LED display allows you to constantly monitor the moisture levels in the room and you can easily adjust the humidity levels to suit your tastes with a simple click of a button.

You can also set a timer for 2 or 4 hours so it will switch itself on and off automatically to work while you are out of the house. The display will also tell you when the machine needs to be cleaned.

This model has a memory feature that allows it to remember your programming, so if your area should suffer from a power-cut then the Compact Portable EcoAir DC18 Dehumidifier will automatically restart once the power comes back on and resume its last saved settings.

High capacity dehumidification

This model can remove up to an astounding 18 litres of water per day, making it very effective for use in large, damp rooms. However, the water storage tank is relatively small so it is handy to know that you also have the option of attaching a hose to the water tank that will allow it to continually drain away the collected water.

If you don’t fancy the thought of repeatedly emptying the water tank, then using the hose attachment will save you from having to regularly empty the machine by hand.


Ease of use

The model is well-liked for its ease of use by customers. The control panel is particularly easy to understand and operate and the model is also liked because it has a power cord hanger on the back that saves having wires laying around that could be a tripping hazard.

Customers also like how easy it is to remove the filter and 3.5-litre capacity water tank for cleaning. The  Compact Portable EcoAir DC18 Dehumidifier also has a drainage function that means you don’t need to manually empty it each time the water container becomes full.

Pros & Cons

  • Robust and well made
  • Humidistat and large tank
  • Great value for money
  • Some issues reported after long time of usage