General Info

The Eco Air DD1 dehumidifier is a low-temperature desiccant type of dehumidifier. It is effective at removing damp, condensation and mould from cool or unheated rooms, so would be good to use in a small cold bedroom, conservatory, unheated hallway or porch.

Despite being a mini-dehumidifier it is effective enough to speed up the drying of laundry indoors and runs very quietly so isn’t distracting in the home.

This particular model is very popular for keeping houseboats, caravans and cars free from damp. It is capable of extracting up to 7 litres of moisture from the air per day and can operate comfortably in temperatures that range from 1 C to 35 C.

Good customer feedback

Customer feedback for the Eco Air DD1 dehumidifier is overall very positive with customers reporting that the model is very effective at removing moisture from the air at any temperature. It is also cheap to run and well worth the investment to keep your home free of damp and mould.

Customers also like the model because it is very quiet, compact and lightweight making it easy to move around to use in different rooms of the house.

The Eco Air DD1 dehumidifier has a humidistat, auto restart function and continuous drain so is an ideal choice for damp cellars, garages and garden rooms that are not in constant use.

Key features of the Eco Air DD1 dehumidifier:

  • 2-litre water tank with water tank full indicator and auto shut off
  • 7 litre per day extraction (@ 20C / RH60%)
  • Compact size: H x W x D cms: 48.5 x 29 x 17.5
  • Continuous drain option (1m hose included)
  • Desiccant dehumidifier contains no harmful gas
  • Easy to use rotary humidistat
  • Lightweight – 7kg gross
  • Whisper quiet – 34 d(B)A

Rotary dial control panel

The Eco Air DD1 dehumidifier has a simple, straightforward design that uses a rotary dial control panel. You can set your desired humidity level at anything between 35 per cent – 80 per cent RH.

The settings include low, medium and high as well as a laundry mode that offers continuous drying. Selecting the 2 droplet icon is equivalent to a medium setting and will be around 50 per cent RH.

The Eco Air DD1 dehumidifier also has an economy setting that you can use to give you maximum energy savings and quiet operation. This is a perfect setting for an average day or night where you don’t have any laundry drying.

There is also a turbo setting that gives you a rapid dehumidifying boost when you need it. This can be used when you have a particularly damp room to treat. Once you have resolved the damp problem you can then set it back to the economy setting to keep the conditions under control while keeping the energy consumption low.

Auto-restart function

The Eco Air DD1 dehumidifier has a handy restart function that allows it to automatically restart after a power cut. It will remember the last settings entered and will continue to operate at these settings.

Pros & Cons

  • Compact and quiet
  • Humidistat
  • Great value for money
  • Auto start function
  • May not be suitable for bigger rooms