General Info

The MeacoDry ABC range of dehumidifiers offers customers high-quality dehumidifiers at cost-effective low prices.

The 10LB model features the latest in low-noise and energy-saving technology. The MeacoDry ABC uses the quietest compressor from Meaco, making it one of the most suitable and practical dehumidifiers for the home.

Choosing compressor dehumidifier technology means you will have lower energy costs when compared to running a refrigerant model. The MeacoDry-ABC10LB is also a super-quiet model so is ideal for use around the house while it is being occupied.

When it comes to eliminating moisture it is an ideal model to use rooms with damp or condensation issues such as bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories. This model has a compact design, is lightweight and ideal for use in a home with up to 3 bedrooms.

It’s an ideal choice for running in a room used for drying laundry so if you need to dry laundry indoors, using the MeacoDry-ABC10LB in the same room can speed up drying times and leaves your clothes feeling laundry fresh.

Pros of the MeacoDry-ABC10LB

This compact and lightweight model is a great choice for a busy household and its energy-efficient technology means it doesn’t gobble up the electricity. Here are some of the good reasons for choosing the MeacoDry-ABC10LB:

  • Compact design small and lightweight
  • Eliminates moisture ideal for damp and condensation
  • Energy-efficient costs just 2.45p/hour based on the UK average tariff of 15p/kWh
  • Helps to speed up the drying of laundry
  • Ideal for up to a 3-bed house
  • Multiple features child lock, laundry timer
  • Ultra-quiet dehumidifier at just 35db
  • Variable humidistat with digital display

With the energy consumption similar to a small fridge, choosing a MeacoDry-ABC10LB can actually save you a lot of money because it will stop damp, mildew and musty smelling rooms needing to be regularly cleaned and redecorated.


Cost-effective model choice

The Meaco-Portable-Compact-Dehumidifier-DD8L is a mid-range choice and doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of more high-priced models such as a digital display. However, you can still choose from various setting and up to three levels of humidity for your room.

You also get a choice of timer modes (two, four and eight hours), which is great if you want the dehumidifier to work in a room while you’re out, but don’t want to leave it running all day.

Built to be lightweight and portable so you can move the unit around your home, choosing a desiccant technology model such as this is much lighter than a refrigerant model coming in at just 6.2kg.

Pros and cons of the Meaco-Portable-Compact-Dehumidifier-DD8L

Generally speaking, the DD8L model is a good mid-range dehumidifier to choose when you want a lightweight dehumidifier that you can easily move around your home. Here are a few pros and cons that users have reported.

Pros & Cons

  • Very quiet
  • Low fan setting
  • Humidistat
  • Not so easy to move around

Cost-effective model

Many users confirm that the initial costs of buying and running the machine far outweigh having a damp and musty smelling house with damp and mildew stains. If you have rooms or areas of concern in your home then this model is easy to move around, so you can run it in the bedroom during the day and then move it to run in the bathroom at night.

Even if you only want to use it in a bedroom its ultra-quiet compressor means it won’t disturb your sleep. If you use a particular room to dry your laundry, you can move it in there to help your clothes to dry quicker and eliminate condensation build-up from the damp laundry. The unit has a clothes drying setting that is specially designed to help dry laundry and it works very well!

The MeacoDry-ABC10LB is a Quiet Mark award-winning dehumidifier that’s ideal for smaller homes. Customers praise the model for its fast action, cost-effective performance and low noise level.