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My home had been experiencing an unusual amount of condensation in the past few weeks especially at nights. We’d wake up to find all the windows covered in condensation; it was worse in the sitting room and the main bedroom. In fact, it spread to the wardrobes making our clothes damp and smell musty. Well, that is now a thing of the past—thanks to the Prem-I-Air Extraction Electronic Dehumidifier. Now the relative humidity figures have reduced by 60 percent and I can confidently say that the Prem-I-Air Extraction Electronic Dehumidifier is responsible for this. If you are also in need of an efficient dehumidifier, I’d suggest you try this device. However, don’t just take my words at face value but consider some of its features below.

Extremely Effective Moisture Mop-up

The Prem-I-Air Extraction Electronic Dehumidifier is one thirsty fellow! You’ll start experiencing its efficiency right from the first day. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though because Prem-I-Air is a company known for its innovative and quality products. The extraction electronic dehumidifier is equipped with a 10 litre compressor. This means that it can remove a maximum volume of 10 litres of moisture from your home in a single day. This is truly impressive and people living in the UK will particularly find this dehumidifier a great help considering the very high humidity and heavy downpours.

Easy Operation

Operating or using the Prem-I-Air Extraction Electronic Dehumidifier is very easy—thanks to its user-friendly design. First off, it comes with very simple instructions and after switching the device on, all you need to do is press the negative (-) or positive (+) button in order to display the desired humidity level. This is another good feature about this humidifier: it allows you variable humidity control. Also, since it comes with a digital display, making a selection is also very easy. You can increase or decrease your desired humidity level by 5 percent and once the desired level has been selected, the unit kicks in.

Durable and Cost Effective

The unit goes through a settling period of 3 minutes, so don’t panic if it doesn’t start working immediately! This settling period is actually a safety feature that protects the unit’s motor so you shouldn’t experience any untoward electrical events. Furthermore, the Prem-I-Air Extraction Electronic Dehumidifier is also equipped with a humidistat, a cost saving feature found in good quality dehumidifiers. If you are familiar with dehumidifiers, you will understand how beneficial this is especially since this unit is an electronic dehumidifier. In simple terms, what the humidistat does is to stop and start the dehumidifier as necessary after the desired humidity level has been achieved. For instance, if your desired level is 50%, once the digital display reads this value, the unit will go off to save electricity. If there’s any change, the humidistat switches the unit on again to return the humidity to 50% making it a cost-effective model. Dehumidifiers without humidistat are more cost intensive since they have to be constantly on.

Other Features

  • It comes with an automatic control that shuts the water tank off once it’s full.
  • The water tank is detachable making it easy to empty it when it’s full.
  • Number 2 product among the Top 100 in the category of Fans and Air Conditioning sold online.
  • Number 5 product among the Top 100 in the category of Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers sold online.
  • Comes with a 12 month warranty.
  • Operates without making a noise.


The Prem-I-Air extraction electronic dehumidifier is an excellent product that provides efficient dehumidification in the home. You’ll hardly find a better model that can do the same thing it does at the price it goes for. Not only is it affordable but it’s also easy on the electricity bills unlike other dehumidifier models that are not equipped with humidistats. Some users have complained about the instructions not being clear enough but really, the operation is simple as discussed above and even a small child can operate the device by following them. This is a dehumidifier that will meet and even surpass your expectations; you won’t regret purchasing the Prem-I-Air extraction electronic dehumidifier.

This dehumidifier is no longer for sale. Click below to check the other option.