General Info

The Pro Breeze 20L per day dehumidifier is one of the most popular dehumidifiers models across Europe. It is so popular because of its effectiveness in most environments and weather conditions.

This dehumidifier is an ideal size for medium to large-sized rooms and has proven effective at removing moisture from the air to prevent condensation and damp forming in both room temperature and colder, unheated rooms.

The energy-efficient compressor effectively removes up to 20L of water per day and has a built-in 5.5L water collection tank. This model also features a defrosting system and built-in humidity sensors to help maintain optimal moisture levels in the air.

Laundry programme

The Pro Breeze 20L dehumidifier also has a special laundry mode feature that you can use to help speed up the indoor drying of clothes where you cannot hang them outside to dry.

The laundry mode function can be activated by a single click of a button on the control panel. Once selected, the laundry mode will automatically sense the level of humidity in the air and will start to dehumidify immediately.

If you want to quickly and effectively dry your clothes without them having to hang around your home for days or become musty smelling because of the lack of air circulation, then keep your drying laundry near the dehumidifier and it will start to draw the moisture from your clothes.

Drying your laundry this way can work out cheaper than running a tumble dryer as the Pro Breeze 20L has been designed to be very energy-efficient and will not spike your electricity consumption.

Programmable timer

A lot of people are worried about leaving electronic gadgets switched on while they are out of the house or asleep at night. The Pro Breeze 20L comes with a 24-hour programmable timer so you can set it to come on and switch off when you like and put your mind at ease while you are out at work.

The LED-lit digital control panel is easy to use and you can set the model to run with a choice of two different fan speeds and use the adjustable humidistat to set the ideal comfortable moisture levels within the room.

You can easily increase or decrease the level of humidity in the room by pressing the adjustable humidistat up and down buttons. Each press of a button will adust the moisture levels by 5% increments so you can choose the most suitable levels to suit your needs, which is handy for rainy or cooler days where the air will naturally hold more moisture.


Easy to move around

The Pro Breeze 20L dehumidifier comes with four castors on the base to allow you to wheel the unit easily around your home. It is an ideal model for anyone that has difficulty lifting and carrying things.

Because it comes with one of the largest water collection tanks on the market, the Pro Breeze 20L Dehumidifier gives you the option of continuous drainage to make water drainage operation easier through a hose that can be attached at the back of the unit.

Pros & Cons

  • Large water tank
  • Low maintenance
  • Carrying handle and wheels
  • Good functionality
  • Not very quiet