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If you are interested in buying a Meaco brand dehumidifier but you are unsure which model you should choose, then this guide is designed to help you choose from two of the best Meaco dehumidifier models currently on the market. Meaco is one of the major brand names in the international dehumidifier industry. Selling in over 20 countries, Meaco is a highly respected name with customers throughout Europe and South Africa. Because Meaco dehumidifiers are highly rated by Which? as being very reliable and good value for money, it is no wonder that two out of three of the top-selling dehumidifiers in the UK are Meaco brand models.

Here are our two favourite picks from the best-selling Meaco dehumidifier range, which includes one refrigerant model and one desiccant model.

Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier

The Meaco 20L is one of the best dehumidifiers currently on the UK market. It has also been on the Which? Best Buy list for several years. During testing this model excelled in the most important categories that customers look for, including:

  • Ease of use
  • Energy efficiency
  • Low noise level
  • Water extraction

This is a refrigerant dehumidifier, which means it is most suited for use in warmer and more humid temperatures, such as in centrally heated homes with high humidity. It is ideal for tackling issues in warm homes such as condensation build-up, damp and mildew growth. However, this model can also be run at lower temperatures, so if you have cooler or unheated rooms or spaces n your home that have damp issues, then this model will cope very well with these conditions.

Being a refrigerant design, the Meaco 20L is larger and heavier than a desiccant design dehumidifier. The  Meaco 20L measures 39x62x29 cm and weighs 13.7kg, which means it is one of the larger models on the market. The larger size means this may not be the most ideal choice if you live in a small home, however it does come with castors and a handle to help you move it around your home.

Meaco DD8L Zambezi Dehumidifier


The Meaco DD8L Zambezi is another market-leading dehumidifier that you will want to consider. This model has been especially praised for its energy-efficiency and its capabilities for quickly extracting moisture from the air. Being a desiccant dehumidifier, it works best at normal room temperatures and in colder, unheated rooms, conservatories, porches, garages and garden rooms.

The Meaco DD8L is an energy class A, which means it’s economical with electricity. It delivers results quickly without causing your energy bills to go through the roof. The model weighs 8kg and measures 36 x 20 x 55 cm in size, which is one of the smaller Meaco models and is ideal for smaller homes where space is limited. It comes with a carrying handle to make it easy to move around your home.

The DD8L model has an easy to use digital display and electronic controls with several settings to choose from. It will also monitor the humidity levels in your room to help maintain the ideal moisture level.

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