Dehumidifiers Reviews

Welcome to our independent dehumidifiers reviews website. We have tested the most popular dehumidifiers on the market so you can choose the best one without the hassle of going through thousands of buyers opinions. We took different features into account, performance, reliability and price into account while reviewing them.

The Many Benefits of Having a Home Dehumidifier

The UK has quite a unique climate of warm summers and cool winters, but these also come with high levels of humidity and moisture in the air. Once temperatures drop, moisture levels can build up in your home, especially when the weather is too chilly for us to leave our windows open all day.

When our homes become damp and cold this can result in mould growth on the walls and a damp and musty smell lingering on our clothes and household fabrics. Many people can only dry their laundry outdoors in the summer, so will have no choice but to dry their clothes indoors during winter when it’s too cold or wet outside to get things dry – drying laundry indoors also increases moisture and condensation levels in your home.

Easy care and maintenance

Modern, slimline home dehumidifiers are very well designed with many compact and larger models to suit just about every type of home. The great thing about new dehumidifiers is that so much research has gone into their design that you can get a model that is perfectly tailored to suit your needs.

They are built for ease of use and care, so when it comes to emptying the water storage tanks the task is easy! Home dehumidifiers come with smaller water tanks that are not too heavy for people to remove and carry when full, and a lot of them come with new continuous drain options that include a hose pipe so you can position it close to a drain and never have to worry about emptying it.

It is important to empty your dehumidifier regularly and not let the water stand, and modern models come with auto-cut off switches and indicators to tell you when the tank is full and needs emptying.

The water storage tanks are robust and easy to keep clean, so will only need a quick wipe over with a cloth or a wash in soapy water once a week or so.

Why you should consider using a dehumidifier

Most UK households don’t have air conditioning as they have in warmer countries, so a cost-effective alternative is to buy a home dehumidifier to help reduce the moisture level in your home and combat damp and mould build-up.

Although the cold winter months are the time we need a good dehumidifier the most, they can also be incredibly helpful during rainy spring and autumn days as well as hot, humid and sticky summer days.

Once you start using a home dehumidifier and start to see the benefits, you will wonder why you ever did without one for all this time!

What type of home dehumidifier should you buy?

The type of dehumidifier you should buy will depend on where you plan to use it. For example, if you want to get a dehumidifier to use in your caravan, conservatory or garage to keep condensation and damp levels down, then you may be perfectly fine with a compact mini-dehumidifier rather than a larger model that is built for a large home.

If you have three bedrooms or more then it makes sense to buy a larger-sized model and these come with castors that allow you to wheel the model around the home with great ease instead of needing to lift and carry them to different rooms.

Why not browse around our site to see the many different dehumidifier options you can choose from. We are sure you will find your perfect match and will get many years of excellent service from your home dehumidifier!